The Hecht Family of Dayton, Ohio


Henry Hecht Elizabeth (Ziegler) Hecht

ABOVE: Henry Hecht (1846-1901), eldest son of immigrants Martin and Margaret Hecht; and his German-born wife, Elizabeth (Ziegler) Hecht (1846-1918).


Henry and Elizabeth Hechtís home Elizabeth Hecht at home

ABOVE LEFT: Henry and Elizabeth (Ziegler) Hecht lived at 327 Morton Avenue, Dayton, Ohio, pictured here in an undated photo. This is the home that
Henry built with money borrowed from his father.  ABOVE RIGHT: Elizabeth (Ziegler) Hecht sits in the yard alongside this same house.


Charles and Amalia (Lienesch) Hecht Dora Hecht and Bernard Lienesch

ABOVE LEFT: Wedding photo of Charles Hecht, the eldest surviving son of Henry and Elizabeth Hecht, and his bride, Amalia Helen Lienesch.
They were married on September 4, 1895 at Holy Trinity Church in Dayton.  ABOVE RIGHT: Charlesís sister Dora Hecht and Amaliaís brother Bernard were
attendants in the wedding. To see a photo that includes siblings Charles and Dora Hecht in their later years, click here.

Invitation to the wedding of Amalia Lienesch and Charles J. Hecht


Bernard Lienesch brothers Edward and Eugene Hecht

ABOVE LEFT: Amaliaís father, Bernard Lienesch.
ABOVE RIGHT: Charles and Amaliaís two eldest children, Edward Bernard (1898-1964) [seated] and Eugene H. Hecht (1896-1912) [standing].

Charles and Amalia Hecht and family, circa 1907

ABOVE, left to right: Amalia (Lienesch) Hecht; infant son Norman on her lap; older children Eugene, Arthur, Edward, and Dorothy;
and Charles J. Hecht. This photo likely was taken around 1907 at the familyís home on Haynes Street in Dayton. This photo, and the
wedding invitation pictured above, are courtesty of Jeff Hecht, great-grandson of Charles and Amalia Hecht.


Dorothy G. Hecht Amalia and Charles Hecht

ABOVE LEFT: Dorothy Gertrude Hecht (1903-1993), daughter of Amalia and Charles Hecht.
ABOVE RIGHT: Amalia (Lienesch) Hecht and her husband Charles J. Hecht, in a photo airbrushed with color by Dorothy.


Edward and Clara (Amann) Hecht Edward B. Hecht

ABOVE LEFT: Wedding photo of Edward Bernard Hecht, the eldest surviving child of Charles and Amalia (Lienesch) Hecht, and his bride, Clara Elizabeth Amann.
They were married at Emanuel Church in Dayton on Nov. 26, 1919. ABOVE RIGHT: Edward B. Hecht in uniform: He worked for the city of Dayton as a policeman.


twins Robert and Richard Hecht

ABOVE: Edward and Clara Hecht were blessed with twin boys,
Robert and Richard.


Photos on this page courtesy of Jeff and Nathan Hecht and their father, Richard J. Hecht.


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