Lavery Family Photos

Clara and Lillian Lavery, circa 1905>


Clara and Lillian in 1922>

Above Left: This photo of Clara and Lillian Lavery was probably taken around 1905, when Clara would have been about twelve years old, and Lillian, seven. (Were the girls photographed on the front steps of their residence?)   Above Right: Clara and Lillian in 1922. Clara’s nephew Robert C. Schenot, Jr. (Bob Scheno) recalled that Clara “adored” her sister Lillian.


Clara, Louis, Jr., and Louis, Sr.> Clara Schenot, her boys and her mother>

Above Left: Clara (Lavery) Schenot, son Louis Herbert, Jr., and husband Louis H. Schenot, Sr., in 1915, two years before Louis, Sr.’s death.   Above Right: Clara with her mother, Kate (Patterson) Lavery, and her sons Malcolm (lower left) and Louis Herbert, Jr. (right) on May 30, 1916.

Lillian with her friend Emma> Lillian in 1916>

Above Left: Lillian (Lavery) Scheublin (seated) with her friend Emma Anderson, in 1916. Clara wasn’t the only one who looked good in hats!
Above Right: Lillian Scheublin, in what looks like a flapper outfit, photographed on a rooftop in 1916. Two of her sister Clara’s grandchildren remember Aunt Lillian as someone who enjoyed having fun.  (“Aunt Lilli was a party girl.”)

Harry and Lillian Scheublin in 1916> Harry and Lillian Scheublin with baby>

Above Left: Harry and Lillian Scheublin together on a rooftop in 1916. Lillian appears to be wearing maternity clothing. A number of Scheublin photos were taken on a rooftop, quite likely at the building where they lived.   Above Right: This photo shows Lillian and Harry Scheublin with one of their infants. Lillian’s outfit looks like the same clothing she wore in the previous photo, suggesting that this child may have been their firstborn, Harold.

Scheublin, Schenot, and Vetter>



Schenot and Vetter siblings>

Above Left: This photo was dated November 1940 (perhaps Thanksgiving). Back row – Mal & Herb Schenot, Ed Vetter.
Front row – Clara (Lavery) (Schenot) Vetter, Lillian (Lavery) Scheublin, Claire Vetter (with dog), and Mary (Dresdner) Schenot (Herb’s wife).
Above Right: Herb Schenot, Claire Vetter, and Malcolm Schenot in an undated photo.


Edward M. Vetter> Claire Vetter holding a baby>

Above Left: Edward Vetter circa 1940. He was Clara (Lavery) Schenot’s second husband and the father of Clara’s daughter Claire Julie Vetter.
Above Right: Claire Vetter poses proudly with her half-brother Malcolm’s firstborn. This baby grew up to love “Aunt Claire” dearly.

Clara Vetter and grandchild> Lillian and Harry with Jeff>

Above Left: Clara Vetter holds her son Malcolm’s firstborn child.   Above Right: Harry and Lillian Scheublin with their great-grandson Jeff.

Greatgrandmother Lillian> Lillian at Christmas>

Above Left: Lillian and her great-granddaughter are all smiles.   Above Right: Lillian Scheublin, elegant at Christmas.

Lavery descendants>



more Lavery descendants>

Above Left: These beautiful children are the great-great-great-grandchildren of Hugh and Kate Lavery through their daughter Lillian.
Above Right: These ornery delightful adolescents are the great-great-grandchildren of Hugh and Kate Lavery through their daughter Clara.


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